There is a lot to know about the moving process, and if you aren’t prepared, many questions can be overlooked.  As Brookfield movers for more than 45 years, we have had much experience with customers who aren’t quite sure what they should ask their movers before choosing a company.  These 5 questions will help you to determine what differentiates top moving companies from the rest.

What are your packing materials prices?

Some materials can be over-priced and others might offer package deals.  This can help you determine whether to choose the convenient full-service option or do some of the packing on your own.

Is there a minimum time limit for a relocation?

There is always a minimum time limit mostly applying to local moves – usually around two hours.  This means that even if your move takes under two hours you will still have to pay for the full two hours.

Do you require a deposit to reserve the time slot?

Most moving companies today will require a deposit at the time you book your move with them.  A reasonable price for the deposit is usually between $200 and $500, depending on the size and type of your relocation.

Will you provide an in-home moving estimate?

A top moving company will have no problem coming to your home to take a good look and properly inventory the items they will be moving.

What will you do to protect my home and belongings?

The last thing you want is scratched floors and nicked door frames as you are moving out.  Make sure your mover has the proper materials to wrap your doorways and furniture and cover your floors.