Half the battle of moving isn’t the actual move; it’s unpacking and organizing afterward. As Sun Prairie movers, we have moved numerous families throughout the years and picked up a few tips to help you get settled in your new home.

  • Throw Away Items You Don’t Use- If you packed in a rush, chances are that you didn’t get to purge before you packed up your belongings.  As you unpack, pay attention to what you don’t use anymore and put it in a separate pile instead of putting it away.
  • Plan the Space- When you are organizing and laying out the furniture, plan out what works for you. Act like you are going to bed or grabbing utensils. Play out everyday tasks and get a feel for what feels natural. If you put the glasses in one section of the kitchen and find yourself migrating towards a different cabinet, switch it so it flows naturally to you.
  • Use Organization Supplies – Storage systems, label makers and filing systems are your friend.  Don’t just throw stuff in the cabinet and let the clutter collect. Use storage systems to keep yourself organized. Label makers are also a great way to ensure everyone knows where to put items, especially kids. Use a filing system to keep your important documents neat and organized. This will be especially important as you find new medical professionals, pay old bills, etc.
  • Don’t Let Stuff Linger- Don’t make a junk room and don’t let boxes sit and collect dust.  These two mistakes lead to an undertone of stress and anxiety as well as set the stage for clutter. The longer these items stay put, the more likely you are to get used to it and never put it away.
Get some coffee, set up some motivating tunes, and get to work putting together your new home.  A couple days of focus will make a world of difference in making your new house look and feel like home.  This is also a great time to find new systems and layouts that make your home more organized and functional for your family’s needs.

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