For Middleton movers, Capital City Transfer, the holidays are a busy time of year. Not only are they filled with festivities with family and friends, but we have anxious families to relocate to their new home. Moving during the holidays isn’t ideal. It usually means rushed holiday greetings and additional stress during an already stressful time. Instead of letting your move ruin your holiday, use these tips to help you manage your move:

  • Pack Ahead of Time- There are a lot of things that you can probably pack ahead of time. From out of season clothes to extra book/movies to other modern amenities that aren’t necessary, these can be packed up beforehand to reduce the time needed to pack closer to the move date.
  • Don’t Host- If you are the usual host for holiday events, ask someone else to act as a host this year. This will take pressure off of you for the house to look presentable in the midst of a large move. If you must host, see if you can get some help with different tasks around the house from all the visiting family members.
  • Set Aside Holiday Items- If you are moving between holidays, be sure to set aside your holiday decorations. If you can decorate your new home quickly, it will help preserve the holiday spirit and it will make it seem like home faster.  
  • Keep the Holiday Spirit Alive- Speaking of holiday spirit, it is important to keep the spirit of the season alive throughout this stressful time. Whether you are listening to Christmas carols or enjoying your favorite seasonal dishes, it helps to keep normal traditions and to have something to lift the spirits when the move seems overwhelming.

The best source of help during a holiday move is a reliable moving company. Contact us at Capital City Transfer and our Middleton residential movers will be there from start to finish. Our moving experts are ready to assist you with every aspect of your move. Call or visit our website to get your FREE quote today!