Attracting and retaining a good labor force is essential for any business to remain operational and profitable. If you are looking for ways to improve your appeal to workers, and maybe pad the bottom line a bit too, you might want to consider a corporate relocation.

There are many states including Florida, North Carolina, and Nevada, with low state taxes. Some states don’t even have business taxes or personal income taxes. While the amount charged in taxes is usually less than 10%, when looking at thousands or millions of dollars in profits a year that money adds up.

Capital City Transfer offers swift and comprehensive relocations by our Madison office movers. We’ll get your entire company, assets and all packed, transported, and assembled in a new out-of-state location.

Just How Much Can Your Business Save in Taxes by Relocating

Moving to another state can bring dramatically lower taxes for your company and employees. The Tax Foundation collects data on tax rates across the country. Here is their data for the following three states:

Florida Business & Personal Income Taxes

  • Corporate Tax: 4.45% for 2021
  • Personal Income Tax: None

North Carolina Business & Personal Income Taxes

  • Corporate Tax: 2.5%
  • Personal Income Tax: 5.25%

Nevada Business & Personal Income Taxes

  • Corporate Tax: None
  • Personal Income Tax: None

Moving to Another State May Bring Other Benefits for Attracting Employees

These other states can also attract employees because of their climate, entertainment, and culture. For instance, many people move to Florida for the warmer weather and beautiful beaches. Florida is also home to plenty of restaurants, clubs, and attractions. Plus, Disney World is a big draw for families.

Nevada is also a very warm, but dry climate with consistently sunny days. Employees would also be able to enjoy Las Vegas on vacations and days off. There are also a few popular resorts in the Lake Tahoe area with excellent skiing and boating.

North Carolina is a touristy state closer to the coast, but further in has scenic mountains and miles of forested land. On vacation or just because, employees can enjoy a day on the beach or head into the mountains for a camping trip.

Our Business Moving Services Make Things Easier

Capital City Transfer is also a full-service moving company with the ability to handle relocations to any place in the country. Whether you want to transfer to one of these states or another location, our Madison business movers will make the move as stress free as possible.

Allow us to help you with:

  • Move Coordination
  • Computer Moving
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Lab & Equipment Moving
  • Government & Military Moving

Streamlining Your Employee Relocations with Capitol City Transfer

As an agent with Wheaton World Wide Moving, we also have connections with other moving and storage professionals across the country. Our connections allow us to complete residential moves quickly and easily too. We can work with your HR department to complete employee relocations as a group for your company. Our company is also able to work with one or two staff members who are moving for work in another state.

Some of the moving services we offer employees include:

  • Use of Furniture Protection
  • Shrink-wrapping of Furniture
  • Fragile-Only Moving
  • Custom-Crating Services
  • Short- & Long-Term Storage

If you are ready to make a move to another state with lower tax burden, reach out to Capital City Transfer. We provide full-service moves for commercial and residential clients. Give us a call to set up a consultation with a specialist about that corporate relocation. Or fill out our online form to ask about a free estimate for any of our moving services.