Making a long-distance move is a big life change marked with familiar emotions best described as a mix between eager anticipation and bittersweet endings. And among the chaos are dozens of possessions that hold monetary or sentimental value. Things that are worth going the extra mile to protect and some of which cannot be replaced. Our team of professional Madison long-distance movers understands the emotional element very well. And when it comes to moving collectibles and prized possessions, we have a few tricks up our sleeve. So, rest assured that the best residential movers in Madison can take care of all of your belongings.

Use the Right Packing Supplies for the Job

When packing, we use a variety of packing supplies. Each product has a unique purpose. From custom crating and choosing the right size of corrugated boxes to packing paper and fillers, we always use the right packing supplies for the job.

Stick with these tips when it comes to packing materials:

  • Use the right size box for each item.
  • Use dividers for smaller items in larger boxes.
  • Fill all empty space with Styrofoam peanuts or air packs.
  • Wrap fragile items in layers of packing paper.
  • Use a cushioned wrap around highly breakable items.
  • Be mindful not to attach packing tape directly to items.

If the thought of packing up your collectibles is too nerve-wracking, consider hiring professionals to get the job done for you. With full-service packing from moving experts, you can rest comfortably knowing that your most valuable possessions are well-secured. Moving company employees typically go through advanced training programs on proper packing methods for a wide variety of household goods, with special attention on high-value and collectible items.

Size Up Protection for Larger Items

One mistake that many people make when moving is skipping the packing materials for larger items like antique furniture. Moving blankets and custom crating are both designed to protect the surfaces of larger items from abrasions. Moving blankets provide a soft surface and a little bit of padding for items that are otherwise too large for traditional packing materials.

Make Sure You Are Covered with Protection Planning

The coverage that comes with most moving services is considered free basic valuation coverage. This type of coverage will reimburse you for damages that occur during moving. However, compensation is based on weight. When it comes to valuable items, it is not unreasonable to see the value of an item far exceed any standard calculation using weight. This means you could be woefully lacking coverage in the event of an accident. The best solution is to ask about ‘Full Value’ protection options rather than standard valuation options.

While a professional moving company has many tricks up their sleeve and they will take every precaution to prevent damage, sometimes the best place for your collectibles isn’t the moving truck at all. Consider transporting your most valuable items in your car instead. Or, if that is not an option, an independent and highly insured shipping method is still a better alternative to traditional moving services.

Best Way to Store Collectibles During a Move

Short-term and long-term storage presents another opportunity for something to go awry with your most valuable goods. If putting these items in storage is unavoidable, consider using secure wooden vaults for additional safety within the warehouse facility.

Hire the Best When it comes to Professional Long-Distance Movers in Madison

When it comes to serving the residential and corporate moving needs through Wisconsin, our Madison long-distance moving company has a solid reputation for providing the best services. With more than 45 years in the industry, our expert movers can help with packing, custom crating, transporting, storing, and delivering all of your stuff with professional, friendly service.

Capital City Transfer is your top choice for residential movers in Madison, WI. We offer expert movers with a friendly, professional touch. Call our office today to learn more.