Are you planning to move across the country, but are worried about the impact that could have on the environment? Our Madison long-distance movers from Capital City Transfer are here to help by offering their best tips for moving in an eco-friendly way. Our residential movers in Madison are part of a moving company that incorporates responsible business practices to minimize our impact on the earth. Here is some of our best advice.

Combining Smaller Shipments on 1 Truck

Other Madison residents are probably trying to move at the same time you are and some of them are moving in the same direction. What eco-friendly moving companies like Capital City Transfer can do is combine smaller collections of belongings all on one truck to conserve fuel. If person A, person B, and person C are all moving to Dallas, we can put all their belongings in one moving truck for the journey.

Using Moving Blankets and Large Rubber Bands

Our residential movers in Madison can cut back on the need for non-recyclable packing materials, such as stretch film and tape, with blankets and rubber bands. By wrapping your large items in blankets, fewer packing supplies that are only intended for one use will end up in a landfill.

Locating Used Boxes

One way you can make an impact during your long-distance move is by using boxes you already have. Some grocery stores will have used boxes you can use for moving, as well, if you ask one of the employees about them. Since you aren’t buying new boxes, you’re decreasing the need for box production.

Donating Items You No Longer Want

Donating items around the house you no longer want or need, such as clothing and food, helps the environment immensely. Donated food and clothes will go to someone who needs them, and this ensures none of your items sit in a landfill. With this in mind, the most helpful thing you can do for an environmentally friendly move is to choose a moving company that incorporates environmentally safe practices.

Call Our Madison Long-Distance Movers Today for More Information

At Capital City Transfer, our Madison long-distance movers would like to offer even more advice for moving in an eco-friendly way. Through Wheaton World Wide Moving, we’re able to offer premium packing and unpacking services, custom crating for fragile items, and storage solutions in secure warehouses. For more information or to inquire about our services, please call our residential movers in Madison today.