Moving Large, Fragile Items

Moving regular items is already hard enough, but when you add large, fragile items to the mix, that’s a whole new level. That’s because you’re dealing with items that could get damaged at any point in time. Aside from engaging the services of Madison long-distance movers, you can try to move your large mirrors, TVs, sculptures, and other items by yourself.

To do that, you need to adopt some techniques and processes that professionals are likely to use. Following proven tips from such experts will help you avoid serious mishaps and secure your valuables.

The Best Tips for Moving Large, Fragile Items in Madison

Map Out a Plan

Before setting out to pack your large, fragile items, it’s always a good idea to formulate a plan. Have a rough idea about which delicate items you want to move, the accessories that come with them, the types of boxes you’ll need, and which items go in first. Figure out whether you need to isolate some of your items or if they can be moved along with some others. Always have a plan that keeps your large, fragile items safe and conveniently transferred to your new location.

Use Big and Sturdy Boxes

You’re not packing some ordinary China but large items like mirrors and artworks that could set you back more than a couple of dollars if damaged. To this end, bigger boxes are the way to go. Such boxes should be strong enough to secure your large, fragile items. Flimsy boxes are a recipe for disaster.

Add Layers of Soft Packing Materials to the Boxes

This is one proven trick professional companies use to protect your fragile items, and you can use it too. Get some packing paper, foam, or even towels to cushion the base of the box for each large, fragile item. When you’ve placed an item in a box, still fill out the remaining empty spaces with more soft materials. These extra layers serve as shock absorbers when the box comes in contact with objects or get stirred while enroute.

Label Each Box

All the boxes you pack won’t contain large, fragile items. That means you should clearly indicate those that do and those that don’t. When you have assistance with your move, you’d want to indicate which items deserve more care. Labeling helps you do that and saves you the stress of a disorganized unpacking process.

Engage Expert Movers

Moving large, fragile items is no small task, as you’ll get to find out. It takes some specialized skills and tools to get it done the right way. If that’s what you want, getting professional residential movers in Madison to handle your move and large, fragile items is the right choice.

These experts have the knowledge, resources, and equipment to safely pack and convey your large, fragile TVs, mirrors, artwork, sculptures, statues, etc. You’ll also have access to moving pads, custom wood crating, and boxes unique to each large, fragile item.

Take Precautionary Steps to Protect Your Investment

When you engage the services of a professional moving company, it’s important to take some precautions to safeguard your investment. That includes taking pictures, inventory, and purchasing full valuation coverage that will ensure you get reimbursed for the value of your items if any damage occurs.

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