It’s not enough to hire a residential moving company to handle relocation to your new residence. Protection must be offered to your home with more emphasis on areas like doorways, lawns, walls, and floors. Along with the moving company, you can protect these areas and more when you follow the suggestions below.

Protecting Your Lawn

In most cases, home movers use the same pathway from your home to the moving truck. However, certain landscaping items may be on this pathway, and you wouldn’t want them getting damaged during the move. Ensure that you make a note of these to the moving crew to help them take extra care around the items.

Some items like lawn statues, ornaments, and bird feeders can be moved, while plywood or particleboards are useful for covering wet lawns. This minimizes damage from the high foot traffic likely to take place on moving day.

Protecting Doorways & Stairwell Banisters

Permanent wood fixtures in your home, like banisters and doorways, can get accidentally scratched or dented when bulky items are being transferred. You should cover the items being moved with towels or heavy blankets. Moreover, household moving companies come with many moving blankets in their truck and will wrap sensitive wood areas for added protection. If you have concerns about your door surfaces getting scratched by furniture, you can temporarily remove them from their hinges.

Protecting Your Floors

On moving day, get prepared to have several people walking in and out of your home on multiple occasions. This will increase the chances of outside dirt getting into your home. However, you can protect all carpeted areas in your home with plastic wrap. Many residential movers take this precaution and will immediately do so when they enter the home on moving day. Professional moving companies may also lay particleboards to protect carpeted areas from dollies and hand truck usage.

Protecting Against Spills

Endeavor to seal all liquids and powders at the beginning of the move so that nothing extra gets on your walls or floors. Further, if you have unwanted liquids and powders lying around, you should get rid of them before moving day. Serve bottled water if you want to refresh the moving crew because an accidentally spilled bottle of water is easy to clean up.

Protecting Windows and Wall Decors

With items like pictures and other decors on your walls, you may not be able to always have a clear line of sight while transferring large, bulky items like sofas and mirrors. To avoid you or the long-distance movers accidentally swiping and damaging your curtains and other decors in high-traffic areas, you should remove them before the heavy lifting starts.

Protecting Your Garage Floor

A garage often contains different types of liquids, chemicals, soil, and equipment necessary for home maintenance, vehicle, and lawn care. Before your home relocation, ensure these items are properly disposed of to protect against any spillage. Also, many moving companies won’t move these items anyway.

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