Preparing for the arrival of your newest bundle of joy can be an overwhelming experience on its own. Couple your expanding family with plans to move, and you’ve now discovered a new definition for the word “stressful.” As trusted De Forest residential movers, we’ve seen it time and time again. Should you save your big move for after the baby arrives? Or is it best to move before and welcome your tiny addition into your new home? Here are the pros for each side of the fence:

Making your move before the baby’s arrival

Opting to move before the baby’s arrival means that you can dedicate more time to the moving process without newborn distractions. You can take care of negotiations and meet with realtors without adhering to a schedule dictated by nap times. By completing the move before you bring home your newest family member, you’re also eliminating post-birth distractions and ensuring that your sole focus is on taking care of and bonding with baby.

Moving after having the baby

Packing while pregnant isn’t a pleasant experience. If you postpone your move until after your baby arrives, you may get lucky and have a child that can calmly sleep while you ready your home. Pregnancy is also terribly unpredictable! You can plan out every aspect of your big move but if baby decides to come then you’d better have a plan B. Moving after having the baby will erase these worries.

Both options have their pros and it’s important to make your decision based on what’s right for the needs of your family. Whether you choose to move before or after the arrival of your baby, our De Forest movers can help ease your stress and make it a smooth transition.

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