Selling your home before a move

Selling your home can be tricky. Depending on the market, your house could sit empty for months…if not over year. To avoid the waiting game, there are a few makeovers you could give to your home to make it more desirable.

  • Add Buzzwords- One key trick to selling a home is to listen to the buzzwords people are using to describe their dream home. Adding in features like barn doors, shiplap, and farm sinks will help attract the attention of a lot of home buyers.
  • Maintenance Work- If your windows, doors, or roof need some upkeep or need to be replaced all together, this might be something you should go ahead and do or include in the sale. The potential buyers will feel more confident buying a home that took care of those issues, so they know they won’t have a surprise in the future.
  • Staging- It might seem counter intuitive to have someone move furniture in your empty house just for home viewings, but staging can really help potential buyers visualize the possibilities for the space. Many times buyers can’t picture what the home would look like for their family, so this will give them that perspective.
  • Clean- If you didn’t go through your whole home and clean out the closets, appliances, bathtubs, etc, then you could be hindering the selling power of your home. If the home grosses out potential buyers, they won’t buy it. If you thought they wouldn’t open every cabinet, closet, or appliance door, you might want to rethink that assumption.

While these tips can’t guarantee a sale, they will improve those odds. Selling can be half of the battle, so minimize that stress with these tips. Whatever your schedule might be for moving, let us help handle that part of the journey. Call the experts at Capital City Transfer for all of your Verona moving needs!