Did you know that a piano can have more than 10,000 moving parts and can weigh as much as 1,400 pounds? That's something to consider before deciding on whether to hire professional piano movers or do it yourself the next time you move. Moving such a delicate, heavy and bulky instrument without damaging it can be a difficult task that professionals are best equipped to handle safely. However, if you plan to do this yourself, here are some moving supplies you may want to consider.

What do I need to move a piano?

  • "Piano" Dolly

A piano dolly is your best possible means of moving a piano. They typically have four rubber wheels to avoid damaging floors and have extra bearings to make turning easier. 

  • Straps

Strong straps will keep the piano secured to the dolly. You may want to consider a "hump strap" for this purpose as it helps with lifting large, heavy things by extending the use of your arms, making it easier to walk up stairs.

  • Piano Board or Skid Board

A skid board is a large piece of wood or steel covered in padding that is strapped to the body of the instrument and placed onto the dolly to provide a secure base for the piano.

  • Moving Pads or Blankets
Blankets and pads protect the finish of your piano during the move from any accidental bumps or scraps.

  • Shoulder Harness or Belt

A shoulder harness or belt works by giving movers greater leverage when lifting heavy objects and reduces strain on the back and legs. They will not increase the amount of weight you can carry, but it will help prevent injuries from improper lifting. 

Ready to Speak to a Moving Professional?

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