All types of moves, whether they’re local or long-distance, residential or commercial, require a good amount of organization and planning when it comes to packing. Without a good plan for packing, the more chaotic and inefficient your experience is likely to be. While it is one of the essential moving-related activities on the checklist of things to do before a move, many homeowners prefer to leave things until the last minute, which is exactly how most relocations become problematic, difficult, and complicated.

Unlike when going on an out-of-town family trip where you can pack the things you need within a day, packing for a residential move can take days or even weeks to complete. If you want to finish your packing faster, you need to be organized with your approach and know what to pack first. In this article, expert residential movers from Capital City Transfer explain how to organize an efficient move with some tips on what to pack first for your moving project.

Pack Your Stored Belongings First

Items that are stored away are those which you rarely use. With this, it is highly recommended to go through these things first and organize them according to which ones you need to discard, donate, sell, or pack for your move. Preparing for the move is the perfect time to declutter since bringing more things with you means higher transportation costs.

Artwork and Decorations

Paintings, figurines, souvenirs, decorative items, holiday ornaments, and picture frames are non-essential items which you can already pack for the move. Besides, these items are most likely expensive and have sentimental value, so don’t wait for the last minute and end up rushing to pack them.


Collectible items such as action figures, games, coin collections, and photo albums can already be packed up because you won’t be using them on a day-to-day basis. Also, they are valuable items that you should secure in a safe and organized fashion, to prevent them from becoming damaged, lost, or even stolen during the moving process.

Books and Reading Materials

Just like the other items on the list, you won’t be needing your books and reading materials. The weeks leading up to a move can be particularly hectic and busy, so it’s not likely you’ll be spending much time reading books or other materials, and should be able to do with just one or two good ones throughout the moving experience. Set these aside, and pack up the rest instead.

Clothes and Footwear

Pack the footwear and clothing items that are out-of-season or not appropriate for the weather. You’re likely to have plenty of clothing that you don’t wear on a regular basis, like formal wear and others, so make sure to pack these first. Keep a small selection of clothes that you can put into heavy rotation, and pack these last—preferably in a small suitcase that you can carry with you for the days of your actual relocation.


It is important to secure your expensive jewelry because they can be easily misplaced during the day of the move. It is also not recommended to wear any jewelry during the actual moving day, because there is a higher risk that they will get lost. Instead, keep these items in small plastic bags or a secure box in your purse, or in a backpack that you can carry with you.

Extra Towels and Sheets

You can already keep your extra towels and sheets days before your big move day. It is not advisable to change your sheets before your move because you would want an empty laundry basket as much as possible during your moving day.

Specialized Kitchen Items

Some items such as cake plates, baking trays, cookie cutters, extra dishes and containers, chinaware, rarely used appliances, and other specialized kitchenware can already be packed in advance. Just leave out the frying pans, bowls, and dishes that you always use so you can still eat home-cooked meals before the move-out day.

Knowing what to pack first helps a lot and makes packing much more bearable. Also, if you know how to pack in an organized manner, you will be able to ensure that all household items are secured and will be brought with you in your new home.

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