Our Madison long-distance moving company has a dedicated team of long-distance movers who would like to share their most helpful tips for minimizing stress during a big move with you. Our movers at Capital City Transfer know that coordinating a long-distance move can make it feel like there’s a lot on your plate, but our experience will help make relocating far away much more manageable.

Reducing Long-Distance Moving Stress on Yourself

To keep the stress of managing a long-distance move to a minimum, it is important to choose a reputable long-distance moving company. Moving companies with awards and many five-star reviews from past clients, such as Capital City Transfer, are a good indication you have chosen a good company.

Additionally, choosing a reputable moving company will take the hassle out of moving, and you may want to consider a full-service packing and unpacking moving company with other benefits, such as:

  • Padding and Wrapping of Furniture
  • Ensuring Items are Properly Packed
  • Providing Storage Solutions

Reducing Long-Distance Moving Stress on Your Children

Your children may feel intimidating by the idea of moving far away, but you can remind them of all the positive life changes that a move will bring. To keep stress over long-distance relocation to a minimum for your children, our team suggests:

  • Enrolling Your Children in Extracurricular or Other Programs Right Away
  • Showing Your Children Fun Things in the New Town Online Before the Move
  • Exploring the New Town or City Together with Your Children When You Get There

Reducing Long-Distance Moving Stress on Your Pets

Animals can easily feel stressed by big changes and moving to a new home is a very big shift for them. It’s important to think of your pets’ comfort during a long move and to gradually introduce them to change. We recommend:

  • Get Your Pets Used to Their Crate Before the Move
  • Provide Favorite Blankets and Toys on the Move
  • Introduce Your Pets to New Rooms in the New House Slowly

Reducing Long-Distance Moving Stress on Your Plants

Stress can make plants wither, which is why it’s necessary to take the proper precautions for plant care before the move begins. To ensure all your plants arrive at the new home safely, consider:

  • Putting Your Plants in Plastic Pots so They Won’t Shatter
  • Trying to Keep a Consistent Temperature During Relocation
  • Completing Transplanting as Quickly as You are Able

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