Moving during offseason

Any way you slice it—moving comes with costs. That means that finding a bargain on your next move is a little bit of a unicorn. You know, an elusive thing that’s so rare nobody believes they exist! With millions of American families moving every year, and most of those moves occurring between April and September, moving companies are plenty busy. But one way you can get a great deal is by scheduling your move during the off-season between October and March. Our Madison long-distance movers can attest, sharing the best reasons they’ve come across for moving during the off-season.

More Flexibility with Dates

Every move is dictated by when you have to be out of your current home and how soon you can get into your new home. And often, you’re at the mercy of closing companies or a landlord who have the final say. But during the off-season there are fewer people looking to move. This means that your landlord may be able to provide more flexibility with move-in and move-out dates and the calendar for closings is a little less busy. More flexibility could mean that you’re not paying for two houses at the same time or that you’re not sticking your stuff in storage while you compromise on a smaller place for the short-term.

Take Advantage of Great Deals from Moving Companies

While discounts from professional movers are hard to come by in the busy season, supply and demand change dramatically in the colder months. Many movers may be looking to attract business from a smaller pool with more competition, using special offers to get the job done. Not only will mileage and moving rates be lower during the off-season, but you’ll probably have better luck finding deals for free add-on services and big discounts.

Get Your Stuff A Lot Faster

One of the biggest complaints of a cross-country move is how long it takes your truckload of furniture to arrive. Many people know the plight of living in hotel rooms for weeks while they wait on movers to get their end of the job done. And it’s mostly due to congestion. So, it goes almost without saying that when moving truck lines are less busy they can get more done. Of course, you might run into more inclement weather delays, but chances are that you’ll get your stuff much faster.

Get a Great Deal on your New Place

If you’re renting an apartment, the off-season can often bring lower rent prices as market demand drops. This is particularly true if you are moving to an affluent or growing urban area. Apartment managers looking to fill empty units instead of letting them sit for months may offer attractive move-in specials like a $50 deposit or first month free along with lower monthly rent prices, saving you hundreds of dollars.

Get Settled Sooner and Enjoy your Summer

If you move during the summer, you’ll waste the best months of the year living out of boxes. Between packing up your old home, moving, and getting settled into your new home you’ll be spending all your time getting settled that you’ll have to wait until the following summer to explore the new area. If you’re moving the mountains or the beach, let yourself get out and enjoy the new scenery by getting moved in a little earlier in the year. Despite what you think, changing schools mid-year isn’t going to be that big of a deal. Kids are more or less resilient. They’ve been shuffling back and forth between in-person and distance learning for a couple years now. They’re basically pros.

The Bottom Line on Moving During the Off-Season

From cost-savings to generally skipping the headache that comes with moving during the summer months, there are many attractive reasons to move during the off-season. There’s less competition for properties, movers, and all the other services that you’ll use along the way.

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