Whether your garage is a well-kept, organized extension of your home or it can be better described as a black hole—it’s likely full of things that become a bit of a head-scratcher when it’s time to move. From logistics and legality to practicality, here are our thoughts on what to do with the stuff in your garage when you move.


Motorcycles are smaller than a full-size vehicle but still present a bit of a problem when it comes time to move. Motorcycles are extremely easy to tip over, causing damage to the vehicle. It is strongly recommended that if you are transporting a motorbike, you get it created. Contact a local moving company, like Capital City Transfers, to set up a custom crating option to safely move your bike.

Tools and Tool Chests

A tool chest full of wrenches and sockets can be really useful, but when it comes time to move it turns into a nuisance. The sheer weight alone can be problematic for loading it onto a moving truck. Luckily, most modern tool chests can lock all of the drawers, and that is precisely what you will do before loading it on the truck. This will keep your drawers from opening during transport and flinging tools everywhere, potentially causing damage to your belongings. While moving, more oversized floor-standing power tools can also be safely contained with a crate. Ask your movers about the possibility of special equipment for specialty moving needs.


Some people have extra cars, like a classic or antique car that they will store in their garage—and those need to move too. When it comes time to move, especially long distances, they don't want to add any unwanted extra miles to their automobile or risk any damage in any potential accident. Most professional moving trailers have the space to accommodate a car for longer hauls. It would be a wise deaccession to purchase any additional reimbursement options that your moving company may offer. This way, if the unforeseen does happen, you know that you are covered.

Lawncare and Landscaping Equipment

This one is a pretty simple one since most of the equipment is heavier duty and doesn't require any extra protection. Simply load the equipment safely onto the moving truck, and you are all set. If you happen to be moving to a new place where you won't need to take care of any of the yard work, consider selling them. Or, if the new residents are moving in right after you, ask them if they would like you to leave them behind for them to use. Either way, if you don't need them, why waste time and space packing them?

Paint and Other Flammable Materials

This is another easy one; you don't. It is not recommended or wise to travel and move with these items at all, especially over longer trips. To eliminate the chances of any of these items igniting, you should properly dispose of them. Call your local business and other representatives to find someone that will responsibly dispose of them for you.


Grills are another slightly less than straightforward thing to handle when packing. You need to ensure that they are strapped down and anchored properly. 

You could also consider removing the interior crates to avoid possible damage to any grill components. Like the paint and flammable materials, you really shouldn't travel with propane tanks or charcoal for the same reasons. Companies that sell propane will sometimes offer to purchase your tank for cash.

Unwanted Items

The garage seems to be the equivalent of ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ When you move, you find years of accumulation that can lead be a hassle to sort through. We recommend donating as much as possible. Start a pile of things that will not be making the move and move on from there. If the items are still in good shape, consider donating them to local charities that could use them. Have a garage sale, load up a truck full of donations, or send appropriate items to recycling to get rid of unwanted items before the moving truck shows up.

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