If you plan a long-distance relocation, you will need to accept the possibility of an issue arising. While most moves go smoothly with a professional team, there is always the chance of an unexpected problem.

As an experienced moving company, we have the knowledge to know the ideal ways to plan for the unexpected. This article will discuss some of the best ways to prepare for your long-distance move. 

​Planning for Unexpected Damages

While the moving truck is driving, your belongings will shift throughout the relocation. In most cases, your household belongings will remain undamaged and can take a beating.

However, fragile items like glass or ceramic products can shatter easily. To protect fragile items, you must ensure they receive proper protection during packing. Using packing paper and bubble wrap is an excellent way to ensure they arrive safely at your next destination. 

Additionally, you can hire a professional moving company to handle the packing for you. A professional residential mover will know how to minimize the risk of damaging your items. Many moving companies also offer valuation protection in case the items break during the relocation process. 

​Planning for Unexpected Delays

Delays can affect the timeframe of your relocation and require you to remain flexible in your schedule. The most common reasons a move is delayed are harsh weather events and a shortage of moving trucks. 

It's recommended that you keep necessary items that you can use until your other items arrive. These items will reduce the stress of an unexpected delay in the relocation.

Some items you should bring with you are:

  • Clothes
  • Toiletries
  • Cosmetic Items
  • Basic Cooking Supplies

​Planning for Unexpected Emergencies

For the smoothest long-distance relocation, you need to prepare for unexpected emergencies that can occur. Create an emergency road kit with useful tools, bring a battery-powered phone charger, and download maps to ensure you have them without connection. 

Additionally, when driving a car to your next destination, you should prepare for unexpected car troubles. Consider signing up for AAA roadside assistance or other emergency assistance providers. 

​Planning for Unexpected Fuel Costs

The price of gasoline is a significant expense during a long-distance move. A moving truck will use a large amount of gas during the drive, and an increase in gas prices can add hundreds to the costs. 

If you want to reduce the effects of gas prices on your move, you should ask for a written estimate from the moving company. Additionally, you should give yourself a buffer in your moving budget. 

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