Are you looking for ways to “go green” when moving this spring? It’s no surprise that moving results in a lot of waste, but it doesn’t have to. Moreover, now might be a great time to think about revamping your “green” efforts at your new home. If this is something that you’re interested in, then the residential movers at Capital City Transfer have some useful tips for you to keep in mind.

Sort and Declutter

The less you have to move, the less fuel is needed to accommodate your load. Plus, you won’t run the risk of tossing tons of items in the garbage after you arrive. Before your move, go through your home and do a carful sort and purge. Plan to let go of items that you don’t really need, like cloths that you haven’t worn in a while, furniture that you don’t use, or extra appliances.

Donate or Recycle Unwanted Items

Once you have decided what goes and what stays, plan to donate or recycle unwanted or extra items before the day of your move. This keeps your old belongings out of landfills, and you could help someone in need in the process.

Use Reusable Packing Containers

Some items will require plastic wrap, packing paper, and cardboard boxes. However, many of your household items can be safely packed within reusable containers, like tote bags, plastic containers, and reusable moving boxes made from strong cloth materials.

Practice Efficient Packing

When you do need to use throw-away packing materials, pack as efficiently as possible to reduce the number of materials needed. For example, make sure that you fill your boxes completely—without making them too heavy—and don’t over-use plastics, tapes, and other materials unnecessarily. If you hire a professional moving company, then you can rest assured that your items are packed with greater precision.

Set Green Goals for Your Home

Going green during your move is a great start in your goal of environmental care, but why stop there? Come up with a plan for reducing waste at your new home, so you can start new habits that carry long into the future. Not sure where to start? Here are a few simple things that you might want to try:

  • Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs
  • Recycle as a Family
  • Plant a New Garden or Purchase Local Produce
  • Invest in Reusable Water Bottles
  • Collect Rainwater in Barrels
  • Start a Compost Bin for Your Garden

Do You Want to Hire a Green Moving Company?

One of the best ways to ensure that your next move is as eco-friendly as possible is to hire a local residential or commercial moving company that uses green practices. To learn more, contact us at Capital City Transfer today!