Relocating your family to a new home is always a challenge, especially if the kids are moving to a different city. Leaving behind their friends and settling into a new school system is a scary prospect. Sometimes, young children may not even understand that they will be living in the new home permanently and keep asking when they will return to the old house.

There are several ways you can ease the transition of a long-distance move and even help your child feel settled into place more quickly.

Reconnect with Old Friends

Thanks to modern technology, it's possible for kids to reconnect with their friends and family at the old home. After you get moved into the new place, consider setting up internet or arranging some online games with their friends. This way, your child knows they can always stay in touch with the people they love no matter where they are located.

Dive into the New Community

It's also a good idea to jump into exploring the new community right away. Check out local activities that are family oriented. The local libraries always have free, fun events and activities kids will enjoy. You can also go on walks or bike rides through the neighborhood. This will familiarize the children with the local area and help them become more accustomed to it.

Distract with New Tasks

If your children are old enough for it, you can help keep their minds off the move with a new responsibility or hobby. Consider setting them up with a new computer game. Or let the older children pick out a pet who can settle into the new home with them. Even giving them a few chores around the house helps them feel more invested in the new location.

Increase Family Time

Kids always need more reassurance during times of change. Feel free to give it to them through family bonding time, more attention, or just spending a few extra minutes with them in the evening. You may also need to chat with them more than once about the move and how they are living in a new permanent home now.

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